Life in Australia, Part I – Student Years

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First job, spending all my money and business problems

I was very impressed with Sydney and what it had to offer. So impressed that I had spent most of the money given to me for two months in mere three weeks. I didn’t have an excuse for it so in my fifth week in Sydney I was washing pans and learning how to make pizza in Pizza Hut store at Bondi Beach. It was my first job in Australia.

Business struggles and stepping up

A year and a half after my arrival to Sydney my father’s business started to struggle. His unwillingness to play dirty games government officials wanted him to be part of resulted in a fight for survival. Yes, many successful entrepreneur stories have dark moments, and this was his. With something that it was out of his power.

I was told that sending me money was no longer an option and I would have to provide for myself if I choose to stay. He would still cover university fees but that would be it. I said alright, let’s try it this way.

Change is good

Change is investable sometimes, and I learned that when my father had his business struggles. I’ve changed a few jobs during my student years. After Pizza Hut I worked at Woolworths as a cashier operator. I stayed there until I heard the news from my dad. After that I needed more hours and a higher rate so I started working as a casual function water, a bit later I combined it with a bar back job in a cocktail bar.

startup starting a business ideas entrepreneur
startup starting a business ideas entrepreneur

I was also enrolled with a few talent and promotional agencies so I got jobs from them too from time to time. At one point I went to New Zealand for 3 weeks to sell oil paintings. We traveled from town to town doing door to door sales. My last job while at uni was a sales assistant at Sunglass Hut.

startup starting a business ideas entrepreneur

I was lucky to meet people who were there for me in difficult situations, people who with years became my second family. My favorite saying to this day: ‘friends are the family we choose ourselves’.

To be continued..

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