Life in Australia, Part II – Corporate Worker, Entrepreneur at Heart

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After finishing University with a Business and Commerce degree my next goal was to achieve certain results in a corporate world. But I always had the successful entrepreneurs as inspiration and something that I want to become one day.

My friend helped me to get a job in an online home loans company. The annual salary was only $30,000 but I didn’t mind, I kept a weekend shift at Sunglass Hut to compensate. My luck was that the world financial crisis struck shortly after I started and 2.5 months later I was already looking for the next place to work.

Career and opportunities

After a couple of months of searching, I was invited for an interview at GE Money for a position of an underwriter for car loans. The catch was that the office was located over an hour drive from where I lived. Even though I wanted to work a bit closer to home I could not waste the opportunity.

I strongly believe that ‘every oportunity awarded by destiny has to be tried out’ so I’d never have to ask myself a question ‘what if?’. And I wasn’t wrong taking it. I started working for a reputable company with a salary increase to $45,000. But the crisis affected GE as well. Seven months after I started, the company decided to centralize operations in Melbourne. I was offered to keep the job if I was willing to relocate to Melbourne. I loved Sydney way too much, so I declined.

At GE startup starting a business ideas entrepreneur

Growth and success in the corporate world

My third job was with a Macquarie Bank in a Corporate Actions team. This time, the salary point was at $60,000. By then I understood another important thing: ‘change promotes growth’. Change is something that I mentioned in my previous entrepreneur story blog and something that anyone needs to master if he/she wants to be successful in career, business, and entrepreneurship. In 12 months I doubled my income and got experience working in 3 different fields.

I stayed with Macquarie for the next year until they too started downsizing and started letting people go.

At Macquarie Bank startup starting a business ideas entrepreneur

Having Passion and Love for Work

So 2 years and 3 corporate jobs later I had a pretty clear idea of what I want to do. I knew I could continue to grow in a corporate world, but something was lacking in my life, and that was the love of what I do. Many successful entrepreneurs, business owners and regular people have said: If you love your job, you won’t need to work for the rest of your life.

I stll firmly believe in that notion. I needed to do something that I would not regret spending 3/4 of my life on, something that would make me want to get up in the morning striving to reach my goals. I decided marketing would be a more creative and interesting field to work in, I knew that given an opportunity to work with organizing marketing events I would be able to prove myself and progress to a managerial position.

In a few weeks of searching for an entry point into the industry, I thought of another short-term solution. It was a month of May and that’s when 3 months fishing period in Kamchatka starts. My family owned a fishing factory so I thought I could go there for a few months overlooking operations of the factory. My father was happy to hear I am coming over. I would see my family and make some good money along the way. In 3 months I would come back and continue to push further.. or so I thought.

To be continued…

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