Back to The Roots, Part I – Introduction to Business Opportunities

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My career journey and learning part of the entrepreneurial story continued. I can’t say that it was bad, but sometimes entrepreneurs and goal pursuers must do a drastic change and get out of the ordinary to learn valuable lessons.

The factory was located in a remote region. The provision and workers were taken there either by a helicopter or by sea. The factory provided jobs for over 100 people, mostly unskilled labor. At the age of 14 I spent my summer working at another such factory so I knew the processes involved.

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The factory operated 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, for over 3 months every year. Every shift was 12 hours of physical labor. It was not an easy job and not everyone could handle it, a few people were sent home, some of them young men. Conditions were rough, but in a good season, one could make enough for the whole year.

I learned a few valuable lessons in that period, mostly about applying psychology managing a diverse workforce in challenging conditions.

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Learn from EVERY experience

Upon my return from the factory my father laid out a few different scenarios of what could be done should I choose to stay. I tried to learn from every day of my work in the factory. I was impressed with the scale of operations and opportunities that could be opened to me so I told my dad that I will stay with one condition only, once the new business is set up I would come back to Australia.

I knew it would probably take a few years and was ready for it. It was pretty much the start of my entrepreneurial story.

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