Challenge at Every Turn – Gearing Up for Kickstarter Launch

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It seemed like making a video for Kickstarter was the point when it wasn’t too far until the campaign would go live.. let’s say the timing was grossly underestimated.

Figuring out the mechanics

The mechanics for the pump that was supposed to work, didn’t. More precisely, it didn’t perform as expected. New solutions were being considered, decided upon, tested, but it didn’t perform again. Again we revised, redesigned, simplified, argued upon, and at last made, tested and finally got it right. In the end, Paxter became a “purity of simplicity” with the functionality of a BEAST. Now I was ready to finish the final steps.

Pumping section testers

With the main challenge conquered next was a hopeful attempt to make high precision working prototypes in the shortest time possible. In Sydney each quality made prototype would have a price tag of around $3000 USD, I needed four, one of each color. The logical solution was to make them in China where the same process is 3 times cheaper.

Problems, errors & delays

Plastic parts which are the majority of the product would be made in one place and parts from other materials will be ordered from another factory. To achieve the best quality and price, you’d need to do a proper, in-depth research and send a few requests around before deciding who to order from as prices vary and some factories don’t work with a particular type of materials. and are a couple of options where prototype makers can be found.

All I needed to do was to provide Pantone color codes and wait for a shiny good looking product to be sent my way in a few weeks time..or so it seemed.

The first error was made when plastic parts maker did not confirm the color before painting main body parts. The photos I received showed Paxter in colors I wouldn’t dare to present it to the world in. It took a bit of interrogation to get the info that the prototype maker doesn’t actually have an automatic color picking machine and colors were actually picked by the eye. The prototype maker was instructed to remove the paint and send me unpainted parts to Sydney, I couldn’t risk it again, plastic parts will have to be painted under my supervision.

Parts from other materials though could not be painted but had to be made in an already colored material. Making those parts in Sydney wouldn’t be possible due to extremely high cost e.g.$60/part(China) vs $500/part(Sydney). The first factory I approached could only get 1 out of 4 colors right, despite multiple attempts.

The second factory tried hard and after multiple attempts managed to get 2 more colors right. For 1 last color, I had to find the third factory which thankfully managed to get the fourth color right.

Every time the factories worked on parts they sent me samples that didn’t turn out well, together with the good ones. In the end, I had a lot of spare parts on my hands which if necessary could be used at some point, if need be.

Only parts in the center needed for prototypes

Getting that perfect color formula is only possible when you have a production line ready. However, for individual prototype parts getting those colors right is a struggle. For more help on color picking please contact me directly as there is a lot more to it than written above.

Assembling prototypes was an interesting experience. You can see the ins and outs of what could go wrong in the assembly line and think of ways to make the process more smooth and efficient.

And finally, we were ready for the video and photo shooting.

The fun and exciting part

While all of the hustle with prototype parts was happening I stumbled on a talented videographer Ivan at The Long Story Shot productions that creates a captivating content, you could see that the imagination the guy has is on a different level from most others.

Even though I had already invested in a whole day of shooting I thought it’d be worthwhile to talk to him to see if he could make Paxter promo video more exciting. Even though the initial script was fine, we agreed that it’d be better to use his ideas and reshoot everything from the scratch.

We shot on a sunny Saturday inviting a couple of actors to play parts in the video, everything seemed to go well. But after all was shot, the perfectionist in me could not help but be unsatisfied with things that I thought could be done better, next weekend we re-shot most scenes again, but this time improving on many points and putting in an extra effort. It was a costly enterprise but whatever needed to be done to achieve the best result, had to be done.

The voice over was ordered in 4 different versions from 3 different people, the best option had to be redone one more time with a compiled video provided as a reference, it paid off, the result was just the right amount of energy, right intonation, and speed.

3D animation which is going to be used in the video and in the Kickstarter campaign also had to be a little adjusted, but the majority of work was done prior so we only had to wait for a couple of weeks for rendering to finish.


The photo session for super creative photos was done at around same time with video. Around 10 liters of milk, water, broken glass, fake fire and other attributes were used to create pictures that would capture people’s attention even when pictures are seen in small size.

Everything seems to be falling into place and final adjustments are being made prior to the launch of the campaign that was long delayed by unforeseen circumstances that challenged patience and taught valuable lessons.

Good social feedback

On Facebook people love Paxter and it thrills me to read what people write about it. To kick off the launch of the promo campaign the contest was announced where people have a chance to WIN 1 of 10 Paxters by signing up either through FB ads or a website at

More info can be found on Paxter social media pages:





I am determined to deliver a quality product that does make peoples lives easier when it comes to taking a shower outside of home.

The announcement of the campaign will follow shortly.

Finally, it is happening..

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